Causes of War, 3rd Ed. (Paperback)

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The third edition of Geoffery Blainey’s highly acclaimed study on the causes of war has been expanded and updated to include a complete discussion of World War II and the road towards nuclear war.

Analyzing all international wars since 1700, Causes of War solves the riddle of why some wars are long and some are short and demonstrates how the “outbreak of peace” offers insight into the outbreak of war.

Proving that war and peace are alternating phases of a relationship between rival nations, this widely quoted work offers a crucial, new understanding of international armed conflict.

About the Author

Geoffrey Blainey is one of Australia’s best-known authors. Since 1968, he has been successively Professor of Economic History and Ernest Scott Professor of History at the University of Melbourne. In 1982–3, he was Professor of Australian Studies at Harvard University.
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ISBN: 9780029035917
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Publisher: Free Press
Publication Date: September 7th, 1988
Pages: 344
Language: English