Big Truck and Little Truck (hc) (Hardcover)

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By Jan Carr, Ivan Bates (Illustrator)
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About the Author

Jan Carr has written more than 50 books for children, including the well-received picture books Big Truck and Little Truck, Greedy Apostrophe: A Cautionary Tale and Dappled Apples. She lives in New York City with her husband and son.

Praise For…

"A small pick-up truck suffers separation anxiety in this tale for fans of Little Toot Katy, and other animated work machines. Little Truck happily tags along behind Big Truck, helping to haul farm produce to market ever a busy highway and doing other tasks. Then Big Truck overstrains himself while moving a fallen tree and has to be towed to the shop, leaving Little Truck to shoulder the work. Both rumpled-looking trucks sport expresive headlight eyes and radiator mouths--and opaque ,.Windshields, so though they have human helpers to load and unload them, they seem to drive themselves. Gradually, remembering Big Truck's instructions about highway driving and getting out of muddy patches, Little Truck begins to lose his apprehension and by the end is ready to welcome Big Truck back with pride and joy. The characters, situations, and art hark back to an antique picture-book tradition, but children of any generation will understand Little Truck's feelings."
--Kirkus Reviews, August 15, 2000
This sunny picture book tells the story of a little pickup's "coming-of-age." Big Truck and Little Truck work together on the farm and regularly haul produce to the market in the city. Big Truck goes first, clearing the way for his young apprentice. Then one day, the cider pickup needs some repairs, and Little Truck has to go alone, with twice the load. No one gets out of his way when he honks, but he remembers what Big Truck has told him: "Keep your lights on the road." He gets stuck in the mud, but follows his mentor's past advice and gets himself out. Finally, Big Truck
comes home and Little Truck can tell him about his successful trip. Rounded lines show animated cartoon images of the two old-fashioned vehicles on a scratchy background of pale yellows and greens. Additional reds, yellows, blues, and lavenders and plenty of white space make for a bright and cheerful palette. Children will enjoy following a brown-and-white spotted dog through the pages. There's lots here for truck lovers and any kids who need encouragement to try something on their own.
---School Library Journal, November, 2000

Big Truck and Little Truck live together on Farley's farm, where they spend their days helping Big Fred and Little Fred Farley. Big Truck teaches Little Truck everything he knows, from how to cart equipment to how to get out of a ditch. One day Big Truck goes to the shop, leaving Little Truck on the farm, wondering whether he can handle everything by himself. His biggest test comes when he slides into a ditch but saves himself by remembering what Big Truck taught him. When Big Truck returns, the two trucks share a joyful, proud reunion. The expressive anthropomorphic trucks have a quaint, 1950s look to them, and there's lots of activity in the lively pictures, which are a nice counterpoint to the gentleness of this story of separation and independence. -Marta Segal
--Booklist, Nov. 15, 2000

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ISBN: 9780439071772
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2000
Pages: 32