Management in the Active Classroom (Paperback)

Management in the Active Classroom By Ron Berger, Dina Strasser, Libby Woodfin Cover Image
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About Management in the Active Classroom

A well-managed classroom almost runs itself. Students are focused and respectful, whether they are silent at their desks or active throughout the classroom-collaborating, experimenting, discovering, and creating. This book is a guide for teachers who want their classrooms to run well in all settings, where students are self-directed and self-disciplined learners. It is a book of proven, practical strategies harvested from successful schools across the United States. Strategies are described in concrete language, illustrated through classroom examples, and illuminated by companion videos. This guide will equip teachers, whether veterans or brand-new, to join inspired, collaborative learning with a calm and thoughtful classroom culture.

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ISBN: 9780692533178
ISBN-10: 0692533176
Publisher: EL Education Inc. - EL Ed Publications
Publication Date: October 27th, 2015
Pages: 194
Language: English