Follow the Money: Path to Our Inevitable Economic Ruin or the End of Global Poverty (Paperback)

Follow the Money: Path to Our Inevitable Economic Ruin or the End of Global Poverty By Daniel Gray Cover Image
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Is it Really Possible to End Global Poverty?

Every generation of people puts forth a prescription for handling poverty. To date, every antidote for poverty has been a miserable failure. Follow the Money looks at the history of failures, both liberal and conservative, in the United States and declares if the real causes aren't addressed we are headed for a catastrophic economic collapse.

Daniel is an emotionally reclusive and secretive mathematician, who taught chess around the United States for over twelve years. He challenged himself with impossible questions to maintain his own
sanity. Over fifteen years ago, in the midst of a mental breakdown, he asked the question "How Can I Destroy America?" Follow the Money is not only a solution to the question but a step by step process on how to stop the plan to destroy America. In these pages you'll discover:

  • ...that the United States was almost destroyed twice by technology.
  • ...that America suffered over 20 major financial crashes since its founding.
  • ...that the technology to cause a cataclysmic economic collapse is already upon us.
  • ...that there is an alternative to the banking system we currently have.
  • ...that the future for you and your children may be a new form of slavery.

Are you concerned about the future for yourself and your family? There is a solution to global poverty. If you are interested, then this book is for you.

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ISBN: 9780692601372
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Publisher: Itonia Press
Publication Date: December 15th, 2015
Pages: 210
Language: English