The Bay Witch Conspiracy (Paperback)

The Bay Witch Conspiracy By Frye Roger, Frye Dominick Cover Image
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My grandchildren live about an hour away from my wife Ruthie and me. They love to hear tales when we drive them home so I made up characters and a story line extemporaneously. The thought occurred to me, "Maybe I should write the story down so others could benefit from it." But then I thought, "It was extemporaneous with no prior consideration. How in the world can I remember how the story went?" About ready to give up on the project another idea surfaced. "Dominick, who was ten years-old at the time, will remember. I should ask him to help me write the book."

Dominick and I pray you will find this book to be both educational and inspirational.

For a ten-year old kid, Jorge demonstrated leadership skills, as observed by his parents and teachers. He earned straight A's in school, skillfully played the guitar and sang but always maintained a humble attitude. Jorge loved going to church with his family and committed himself to daily Bible reading and prayer. He amazed his pastor by his mature grasp of spiritual truths. The adult leaders who knew him saw that he was destined for greatness and that's what got the attention of the kingdom of darkness.

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ISBN: 9780979060786
ISBN-10: 0979060788
Publisher: HIS Publishing Group
Publication Date: September 10th, 2018
Pages: 104
Language: English