The Mommy Code: A New Mom's Guide to Surviving Parenthood (Paperback)

The Mommy Code: A New Mom's Guide to Surviving Parenthood By Keri M. White Cover Image
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Named a 2014 Bronze Medal Winner in the Global Ebook Awards, The Mommy Code is a must-read for every parent and grandparent. In addition to providing practical, proven strategies for real life challenges, the book will make you laugh on every page. In this exciting trip to the motherhood, Keri White has journeyed to many places. She has interviewed single moms in urban schoolards and married moms who travel only by private jet between Aspen and the French Riviera. They all ask the same questions: Is it possible to host a family dinner party without anesthesia? (Yes, see Chapter 5 for tips, formats, menus and recipes.) How to you entertain a pair of 3-year olds on a rainy afternoon and avoid a full-scale house demolition? (Open your dishwasher, spray it with shaving cream, and let the kids have a finger-painting free for all. When they're done, just shut the door, hit the rinse cycle and let them wash up in the sink or tub. See Chapter 2 for more ideas.) What is the appropriate response to a five-alarm tantrum in a public place? (Whether it's yours, your child's or a total stranger's, the response is the same. Take a deep breath and remove yourself and your child from the area.) How do you refrain from poisoning your mother-in-law when she repeatedly tells you that her poor son looks so thin and tired? (See answer to previous question.)

About the Author

Keri White has been blogging about etiquette, parenting, food, and lots of other things since 2006. She has served as the Etiquette Correspondent for WTXF-TV in Philadelphia and has written advice and parenting columns for several newspapers and magazines. Prior to her career in writing and parenting, Keri was an award-winning seventh grade teacher, which provided her with significant experience correcting other people's children and telling people what to do. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Master's Degree in Education. Keri lives in Philadelphia with her husband Matt, her two children, Cormick and Kelsey, and their cat, Gershwin.
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Publisher: Knollwood Books
Publication Date: November 19th, 2013
Pages: 126
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