Not My Kind of Mennonite (Paperback)

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On a cold and snowy night in January 1972, George Peters was shot by his brother-in-law and left to die on a back road in rural Ontario. The investigation and trial of his murder would tell a story that compelled a jury to let his killer walk free. But his children and family were left to seek answers the judicial system couldn't provide. Who was George Peters, and what life had he lived before meeting his untimely end?

George Peters and his wife, Anna, were born in Mexico and raised with the strict upbringings of the Old Colony Mennonite Church. At every stage of their life, they faced abuse but endured in silence for fear of excommunication and punishment. In order to try and find his family a better life, George decided to make the move to Canada. But with his wife suffering from severe undiagnosed mental illnesses and six children that were repeatedly being taken away by CAS for their own safety, it had been a constant uphill battle for him to do what he truly wanted: provide for his family.

Not My Kind of Mennonite is a personal dive into the history, culture, and religious and social pressures faced by one Mexican Mennonite family. Maria Moore, one of George's own children, blends her research about the Mennonite community with firsthand accounts about her family to fully explore her father's legacy, life, hopes, and dreams.
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ISBN: 9781039175440
ISBN-10: 1039175449
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: June 21st, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English