The Ghost at Devils Tower (Paperback)

The Ghost at Devils Tower By Carol Morosco, Philomine Lakota Cover Image
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Anna is a modern Lakota girl living in New Jersey with her mother, father

and little sister. She is not an ordinary girl. She has a secret she's never shared.

Anna has the power to go back in time where she walks as a ghost among

people long dead. She knows the Lakota language and understands them, though she cannot touch them. She can effect changes and results, however.

Anna travels out west with her family and stays on Pine Ridge Reservation.

When she uses her secret power and goes back 200 hundred years, she sees a

Lakota boy, White Cloud, determined to travel by himself to the Badlands to

see a vision for his future. She wonders how a ghost can protect him?

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ISBN: 9781087988481
ISBN-10: 1087988489
Publisher: Saguaro Books, LLC
Publication Date: September 15th, 2021
Pages: 154
Language: English