TSI Texas Success Initiative Reading & Writing Study Guide (Paperback)

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Our TSI Texas Success Initiative Reading and Writing Study Guide covers all of the reading and writing skills assessed on the actual TSI assessment.

This study guide contains six practice tests with answers and in-depth explanations.

When you study the explanations for the answers to each question, you will learn useful exam strategies and the pitfalls to avoid when taking the actual TSI test.

Since you are asked to write a persuasive essay on a controversial topic for the TSI assessment, an essay writing guide is provided in the last section of the book.

All of the texts and questions in the guide are of the same format and difficulty level as the real TSI exam.

Our practice reading tests contain:
  • literary texts and analysis
  • academic and practical texts
  • main idea questions
  • specific detail questions
  • inference questions
  • questions on the author's purpose
  • author's assumptions and influences
  • questions on drawing conclusions
  • understanding references and vocabulary
  • questions on the use of evidence and supporting arguments
  • questions on narration
  • comparison and contrast questions on two passages
Our practice writing tests contain questions on:
  • grammar, including agreement, word choice, and style
  • revising and combining sentences
  • inserting words into sentences
  • inserting sentences into a passage
  • avoiding stylistic errors
  • sentence logic
  • sentence correction
  • sentence reconstruction
Our essay writing section contains:
  • grammar tips and exercises
  • punctuation tips and exercises
  • avoiding common essay errors
  • improving and developing sentence structure
  • sentence structure exercises
  • what examiners look for in your essay structure
  • sample essays for you to study
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