Small Talk: How to Connect Effortlessly With Anyone, Strike Up Conversations with Confidence and Make Small Talk Without the Fear (Paperback)

Small Talk: How to Connect Effortlessly With Anyone, Strike Up Conversations with Confidence and Make Small Talk Without the Fear Cover Image
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Want to talk to that attractive person on the train home from work, but have no idea what to say?

Do you secretly dread going to parties?

Afraid you won't fit in at your new job because you don't 'do' small talk?

Like it or not, we live in a world driven by social interaction. The more real connections we can make with others, the more doors we open for deep satisfaction at work, our social life and our love life. Small talk is a critical first step in making those connections. Yet we have all been left to figure out how to master this skill on our own. It's no wonder so many people struggle with small talk, but you no longer have to be one of them.

Read the simple and easy-to-follow tips in Small Talk - How to Connect

No matter how long you've struggled or even if English isn't your native language, this guide will show you how to unlock the power of small talk to confidently connect with anyone.

- Conquer the social fears holding you back

What truly separates those of us who can use small talk to gain the attention, trust and even admiration of others and those of us who can't? Beliefs. Struggles with small talk stem from negative beliefs and assumptions you may not even know you have. Once you learn to uncover and reverse the negative beliefs by reading about how people get stuck, you will be amazed at how much more comfortable and confident you feel when you approach and talk to just about anyone.

- Never be stuck for words again

Why is it that some people just have the gift of the gab? Learning small talk helps provide meaning around conversation and helps you demonstrate you understand how to act in social situations. The basic forms of small talk have a well defined structure and once you are following the secret formula small talk words will fly from your confident mouth with ease.

- Learn how small talk works in practice

Struggling with small talk? You might often misinterpret the intentions of others when they seek to engage you in conversation. There is a useful structure to small talk that our parents help us to learn when we were young and it's this easy - just a few simple steps to start a great small talk conversation.

- Boost your credibility with anyone

Ever found yourself in a small talk conversation that just felt awkward? Imagine a smooth and engaging conversation that really interested the other person. Learn how to put across your most credible self and present a positive image as someone that's friendly, polite, desirous and cooperative. Present yourself in the best possible light without going over the top

- Learn and master social cues

How do you approach someone with an intent to engage them in a small talk conversation? With your well defined personal social monitor you can learn social cues to best understand how to connect with anyone in the room. Discover how to deal with those awkward moments as you become adept at steering a successful small talk conversation.

- Get the most out of your small talk encounters

How can you feel more at ease with dealing with new or unfamiliar small talk situations? This book holds the key to practical strategies to help you best present yourself and engage in the best small talk conversations. You'll easily find your way to connect with anyone and experience more smiles, laughter, and discover new friendships.

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ISBN: 9781505268577
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Publication Date: November 28th, 2014
Pages: 72
Language: English