End Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization (Hardcover)

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In this seminal book, award-winning filmmaker, civil rights attorney, and television personality, Brooke Goldstein, offers a groundbreaking and pragmatic strategy for ending Jew-hatred globally. What Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals was for progressives, End Jew Hatred is for the Jewish community and its allies.

Thousands of books have documented the victimization of Jews over the centuries. This is not one of those books. This book is about ending the world’s oldest hatred against the world’s most persecuted community. 

End Jew Hatred shows how we can affect real and lasting change by championing the Jewish cause as a minority rights issue. By harnessing the power of grassroots mobilization, direct action, and legal activism, Goldstein provides a historically unprecedented handbook on how the Jewish community can move from defensive to offensive advocacy, and effect real lasting change.

Through her experience as a civil rights attorney at The Lawfare Project, a filmmaker, and as the founder of the End Jew Hatred movement, author Brooke Goldstein offers an unparalleled deep dive into the civil rights cases she has fought to illustrate how impact litigation paired with social rights activism can be used to combat anti-Jewish discrimination and set a new precedent of Jewish empowerment. 

Furthermore, Goldstein conducts a comprehensive study of social justice movements like the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s, the Black Lives Matter movement, the New Women’s Movement, End Asian Hate movement, and the LGBTQIA+ movement, and argues that adopting their tactics, language, and organization can enact lasting meaningful change for Jews everywhere. She challenges the top-down approach traditionally used by Jewish communal leadership, arguing for adaptation with the times, and demonstrates how a bottom-up, decentralized strategy aimed at recruiting and rising up local activists is the future of Jewish advocacy.

We are living in an unprecedented age of progress in the fight for minority rights—a historic crossroads. End Jew Hatred underscores the need for a seismic shift in strategy away from pro-Israel advocacy and towards awakening a Jewish civil rights movement. 

This is a book about securing the fundamental human right of Jewish people to live as equals, everywhere, regardless of conflicts happening in the Middle East. It is a clarion call for upending the status quo and disrupting the cycle of hatred; for drawing a new blueprint and tossing out existing structures; for unity; for diverting the nature of human hate and changing the course of history for the better. 

While activists in the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements have made great strides, there has never been a unified and coordinated Jewish civil rights coalition in the West. The plight of the Jewish community must not be overlooked. In this moment in history, the world is uniquely positioned to finally extinguish the flames of antisemitism so Jews can claim their right to life and be treated equally and fairly around the world. 

Make no mistake: Ending Jew hatred is the civil rights issue of our lifetime.

About the Author

Brooke Goldstein is the founder of the End Jew Hatred movement. She is a civil rights attorney, author, award-winning filmmaker, and the founder and Executive Director of The Lawfare Project, a nonprofit advocacy organization with offices in the USA, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. The Lawfare Project serves as a legal think tank and litigation fund to uphold the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and pro-Israel community worldwide. In 2006, Goldstein produced and directed the award-winning film The Making of a Martyr. She is a regular guest on television news media and has had numerous published editorials. In 2019, she was inducted into the MJHI Manhattan Jewish Hall of Fame. She is also the recipient of several awards for her public interest advocacy work, including the 2023 WIZO Charlotte and Sami Rohr Shomrei Israel Award, which pays tribute to those who have acted as guardians and protectors of the State of Israel and its people. Brooke’s first book Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech serves as a first amendment guide to reporting in an age of Islamist lawfare. 


Praise For…

Praise for Brooke Goldstein:

"Her smile is bright as she fights antisemites. We all take glee in her legal victories.She is a huntress in the fight for justice." —Greg Gutfeld, Fox News

Praise for End Jew Hatred:

"Brooke’s latest book, End Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization, highlights an important strategy and demonstrates how impact litigation, paired with social rights activism, can achieve meaningful change and help end Jew-hatred in our lifetime. I strongly encourage everyone committed to a bright future for the Jewish people to read this book." —Ambassador Ronald Lauder

"Brooke Goldstein is a courageous and articulate human rights lawyer and leader of the Jewish people. At this time, with the increase in antisemitism globally, Brooke’s work as the Founder and Executive Director of the Lawfare Project and #EndJewHatred has had a substantial impact in the fight against antisemitism.Her newest Book ‘End Jew Hatred : A Manual for Mobilization’ will make a difference by bringing her creative ideas and strategies to the attention of an even wider audience, so that we may collectively join the fight!”
Mindy Stein, vice president for World Zionist Organization Relations; American Zionist Movement, former national president & chairman of the board for Emunah of America

"We know the problem: ANTISEMITISM. But how do we tackle it when it’s coming from so many directions in so many varying forms? This book gives us the practical tools to mobilize our fight against Jew hatred and become the activists we need to be in these urgent times." —Lizzy Savetsky, Digital Influencer and Outspoken Advocate for the Jewish People

“I have spent my life working to advance the interests of the Jewish community, heading the Conference on Soviet Jewry, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater New York (JCR-NY), and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. In that latter role, I got to know Brooke and collaborate with her, seeing her couple strategic litigation with grassroots mobilization presenting pro-Jewish advocacy as a minority rights/civil rights issue. Her book, End Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization, highlights what can be done to spare future generations the trials and tribulations we have endured, and positively impact the Jewish people by ending Jew-hatred in our lifetime. This is essential reading for anyone committed to fighting this ages-old scourge and countering the extremist bigotry spreading in our country.” —Malcolm Hoenlein, former executive vice chairman of the conference of presidents of major American Jewish organizations, founding executive Director greater New York conference on Soviet Jewry
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