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An initiatic novel based on ancient teachings and astrological wisdom from bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow 

• Offers an in-depth experience of alchemical transmutation to cleanse old parts of the psyche and clear space for the shift to 5D through 9D consciousness

• Reveals the astrological factors at play behind the multitude of crises hitting the world stage in 2018, 2019, and 2020, including the Covid-19 pandemic

• Continues the story from Revelations of the Ruby Crystal and Revelations of the Aquarian Age

With the Age of Aquarius dawning, six friends connected by ancient wisdom, spiritual revelation, past lives, and sexual alchemy discover the connections between seemingly disconnected events--environmental collapse, schisms in the Catholic Church, the refugee crisis, political breakdown in the United States, the shift out of the age of oil to the high-tech economy, and the Covid-19 pandemic. The characters, as well as readers, experience moving out of fear-based consciousness to the higher dimensions.

The story begins in Florence, Italy, at an art soirée in honor of Armando Pierleoni’s visionary painting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In addition to the six friends--Armando, his photographer wife Jennifer, New York Times journalist Simon, his mystical wife Sarah, Jungian analyst Lorenzo, and exotically beautiful and astrologically insightful Claudia--the dinner party also includes Alessandro de Medici, later revealed to be a master alchemist, and the Jesuit priest Father Giorgio Faccini, the Vatican archivist and a covert agent for the Church’s secret agenda.

As the Aquarian vibrations intensify, Claudia sees the astrological factors at play behind the multitude of crises hitting the world stage, and then Covid-19 hits Italy. In the rapidly escalating tension, the deepest fears and greatest joys of the characters’ lives are revealed. Armando has a spiritual breakthrough and high initiation with Lorenzo in his tower, and the friends discover alchemical keys and the perennial wisdom--long suppressed by the Church--that will help humanity transcend.

About the Author

Barbara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher, author, and Mayan Calendar researcher. Her numerous books include The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Awakening the Planetary Mind, Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini, and The Mayan Code. She has taught at sacred sites throughout the world and maintains an astrological web site,

Praise For…

Revelations from the Source, and the entire trilogy by Barbara Hand Clow, has rekindled my love of reading fiction! By weaving together astrology, history, symbolism, spirituality, and the occult with deeply compelling characters and storylines, the perfect storm is created to keep the reader riveted. I admire Barbara’s use of masterful storytelling to help us deepen into subjects that can otherwise be difficult to grasp. Truly brilliant!”
— AMANDA “PUA” WALSH, founder and CEO of Astrology Hub

“A fascinating story. To shift us more fully into the Aquarian Age, Barbara Hand Clow weaves her multidimensional, astrological, and star-consciousness wisdom into a modern allegory filled with intrigue, interesting characters and concepts, and the irresistible lushness of Italian culture, history, and art. As part of humanity learning to free ourselves from the suffering we created in the Piscean Age, we are given glimpses of the heart-based, higher frequency world we are here once again to birth.”
— Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, DMin, author of Activating Your 5D Frequency

“Barbara Hand Clow began adapting her lifetime of research in the fields of astrology, science, religion, and multidimensional reality into fiction a few years ago when she wrote the first volume of her Revelations trilogy. This third and final book, Revelations from the Source, brings all of her work together in a breathtaking way. The characters embody the archetypes of humanity interfacing with the world’s current events through a sensual, multisensory, and multidimensional lens on a backdrop of Tuscany and Rome. This final story is profound in its implications while taking the reader on a page-turning ride the entire time.”
— Regina Meredith, host of Open Minds on Gaia

“In each of her excellent books Barbara skillfully blends archaeology, authentic spiritual awareness, rich astrological insights, and remarkable prophetic vision. And as a writer of fiction she spices her exciting stories with wit, steamy romance, and a penetrating critique of contemporary global politics. With a big heart she packs a powerful punch with a vitally important message for our times.”
— Martin Gray, author of Sacred Earth

“As an artist, I identified with Armando immediately when I first encountered him in Revelations of the Ruby Crystal, and I have enjoyed his stunning personal and artistic growth in Revelations from the Source. There is no art without contemplation. It involves creating space to examine and get in touch with our true center. The artist must survey his or her surroundings, both personal and creative, and then perhaps be strong enough to reframe his or her intended goal in the original concept, even to reconsider the ephemeral illusion of time and space. This book is a must-read for those exploring the inner journey of the artist.”
— Allen Blagden, author of Marking the Moment

“Barbara Hand Clow has surpassed herself with her new novel, Revelations from the Source. With stunning originality, she transmits her visionary brilliance into characters who are simultaneously larger than life and endearingly human. Barbara Hand Clow offers a hope-filled view of global transformation as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Thank you!”
— Tannis Hugill, registered drama therapist, board certified dance-movement therapist, spiritual direc

“At the end of each Great Age, as the old world falls into extreme degradation, Vishnu, divinity of preservation, incarnates to overcome corruption and restore balance. All of Barbara Hand Clow’s books resonate with Vishnu’s purpose, and Revelations from the Source is her crowning achievement. It courageously fulfills Vishnu’s twofold task: to clearly reveal corruption and lead an evolutionary way forward toward full multidimensional human potential. Thank you, Barbara; the Force is with you!”
— Frederick Hamilton Baker, author of Alchemical Tantric Astrology and coauthor of Conscious Conceptio

“Barbara Hand Clow has masterfully woven research and expansive insights into Revelations from the Source with engaging results. Key to the unfolding of this novel is the alchemizing effect of transmuting fear to love, which I found truly inspiring and uplifting. This book comes at the perfect time to assist many in making the shift to a higher vibration, to love.”
— Erina Carey Cowan, coauthor of Dowsing Beyond Duality

"Revelations from the Source has offered me a new sense of freedom in facing the torment of the Piscean Age, opening more widely the door to the Age of Aquarius. I greatly appreciate this new sense of freedom gained from journeying in the trance inducing ways offered in this book, and can highly recommend it to others who are on this same journey into the Age of Aquarius."
— Nicholas Brink, author of The Power of Ecstatic Trance

"I have eagerly been anticipating this latest release after having grown quite fond of the tight-knit community of characters in this series. All my hopes and expectations were exceeded in this dynamic final book, which expertly weaves together multi-dimensional layers of information, inspiring revelations, and reconsideration of how things truly are in the world. I highly recommend not only this book, but this entire series, for those looking for a fascinating read that delves into many dimensions, facets of history, and opens a doorway to a future unlike what we’ve known thus far. The writing is engaging, and the characters will soon feel like an extended friend group (I certainly wish I could call on them for advice!). More and more, those awakening to the shifts will be looking for answers, and while it’s fictional, this book is sure to be the key that unlocks readers’ perception."
— Alanna Kali, Musing Mystical
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