Subkultur: The House of Secrets (Paperback)

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When the world turns its back and nobody wants you, there is always room at The House of Secrets. Beneath the polished veneer and public face of London beats a vibrant subculture that most people would rather forget. Russell is a young streetwise nineteen-year-old who knows how the city works and how to work the city. He finds Kenny, a young Scottish lad, curled up and shivering on a park bench. The sight of the fourteen-year-old runaway stirs in Russell a need to protect and reminds him of when he, too, was a young runaway. Russell nicknames the boy "Jock" and takes him to a cafe for a hot meal. With nowhere to stay, Russell brings Jock home, back to the house where the past trails them like shadows and secrets are buried into the walls. Russell and his housemates-Muphy, Ozzie, Lennox, and Eric-all have pasts they are running from or would rather forget. Can the housemates deal with their demons and with each other? About the Author Nick Morley lives in Brighton and is planning the book's sequel. Publisher's website: http: //
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ISBN: 9781622120178
ISBN-10: 1622120175
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: August 24th, 2012
Pages: 340
Language: English