The Love Story (Paperback)

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This is an allegory, about a young girl named Grace, trying to find her way in life. Falling in love over and over or what she thinks is love to find out what true love is. " He knew where he belonged, somewhere among the stars. I was caught again in my curiosity, but without the fear. Unable to understand his spirit, I longed to give my soul. The smell of grass permeated my senses and the flowers my sensory. He closed his eyes to imagine the night sky; I took another peek to be sure he wasn't looking at me, I should have checked earlier but I had forgot in the midst of the moment. As I turned, I didn't expect to meet his eyes. "Can I help you?" My brain stammered, thank God my mouth was quicker." Will she find true love or truth in love? The Ghost Rider is a young person who loves to write and learn, and wears their heart on their sleeve, they started writing as soon as they got a pen, they still write to this day. They tried all the jobs you can think of but nothing compared to the talent they had for writing and the urge to teach the knowledge they've acquired, they live a quiet life away from the judgment of others and their own, their family life is very fulfilling, full of support and love, their friends are high quality over quantity. They hope to write for the rest of their life and to reach the world with their story's, so stay tuned.
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ISBN: 9781662884313
ISBN-10: 1662884311
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English