The Greene Book of Black Knowledge: Youth's Guide To The Future (Hardcover)

The Greene Book of Black Knowledge: Youth's Guide To The Future By Will El M. Stj Heron Cover Image
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You had good hair growing up with a dark complexion, you must have indian in your blood?

You speak proper and you get good grades you must be in one of the boogie private schools and your parents must got money

You are athletic, you must have a strong connection to your african lineage

For some reason none of these things are attributed to being just a Foundational Black America. Not mixed with "indians" but a black native of this continent. Not smart because of what high priced schools teach but perceptive due to the tutelage of their parents and parents' parents. Not athletic based on a whole nother people's genetic makeup but due to the genes that they share with the aboriginal black natives that fought to protect their family lives and freedom from invaders and prospered after they succeeded.

When the masses look at cultures of the world, what do they see and what are they known for, what defines that culture in a broad view. European cultures are known for their architecture and collection of fine arts (Louvre, Eiffele tower Gugenheim) as well as having its own language (French, Spanish, German, Italian) . Asian cultures are known for the meticulous standards that are held in their culture (Bushido) as well as the art forms of the past (martial arts) and present (Construction, Just-In-Time manufacturing). Africa and carribean peoples are known for their multitude of cultures, ethnic flair, exotic cuisine, etc. Those are thing that should be apprecieted in thier own right, but what are Foundational Black Americans (Formerly misnomered as African americans/ Negros/ Colors/ Black) known for as a whole throughout history? Slaves brought to this country by force, Low class citizens of a foriegn nation with no home to call their own or is there so much more to the story that even the mere mention of our accolades would discredit the history of the masses. What stake to claim do we as Foundational Black Americans really have to history and is it time for us to re -introduce ourselves not for exposure and clout but self vindication and reasonable doubt.

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