The Pirate's Curse: Brigands of the Compass Rose (Paperback)

The Pirate's Curse: Brigands of the Compass Rose By Toni Runkle, Steve Webb Cover Image
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"It's Treasure Island meets The Outsiders... a grand adventure not to be missed." -Haris Orkin, award-winning author of the James Flynn Escapades

Abandoned as an infant, 15-year-old Bonnie Hartwright doesn't know who she really is. And that just might get her killed.

After her latest scrape with the law, foster girl Bonnie is abruptly carted off to a "reform sailing camp" on the Carolina coast. There, she discovers the camp is actually a training compound of a centuries-old secret society, all of whose members are descendants of a notorious pirate. Bonnie and her fellow teen internees, all denizens of the digital age, must now master the old ways of sword and sail as they prepare to battle a mysterious, unnamed enemy. During weeks of training, Bonnie finds herself drawn to both Wilder, a charismatic thief, and Reed, the grandson of the group's leader, a boy who carries the weight of a family legacy on his shoulders.

But a secret is being withheld from Bonnie, one that could end up proving lethal. Before it's too late, she must uncover the truth about herself or face certain death in a watery grave.

In The Brigands of the Compass Rose, Runkle and Webb put a modern-day twist on the swashbuckling page-turners of the past, blending action, romance, and a heavy dose of black magic into a thrilling young adult adventure like no other.

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ISBN: 9781685132835
ISBN-10: 1685132839
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Date: September 28th, 2023
Pages: 354
Language: English