Postcards to Hitler: A German Jew's Defiance in a Time of Terror (Paperback)

Postcards to Hitler: A German Jew's Defiance in a Time of Terror By Bruce Neuburger Cover Image
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An intimate history of the Holocaust, drawn from the final days of a Jewish family in Munich

Postcards to Hitler tells the story of a Jewish family in Munich living as close neighbors to the demagogue who becomes the Nazi F hrer--Adolf Hitler. In a story passionately told by one of their descendants, the narrative begins as Benno Neuburger, a modest German land investor from Munich, and Anna Einstein, daughter of a cattle dealer, meet at a seder in Laupheim and soon marry. The year is 1907, a relatively prosperous, optimistic time for German Jews, and there is little hint that this good fortune might soon unravel. Of all the Jews in Europe, Germans like the Neuburgers feel most secure.

When, on a warm July day in 1914, an assassination strikes an "obscure" Balkan corner of the continent, the news passes through Munich's beer-gardens like a cold wind. Far from a fleeting chill, what follows is the time of prolonged bloodshed known as World War I, followed by a period of German humiliation, resurgent revolution, and a brief left-led democratic interlude in Munich. What might have been a site of socialist experimentation instead becomes the epicenter of German fascism, and as Benno and Anna and their extended families cling with vain hope to a peaceful resolution, their beloved haven degenerates into a state of racialized madness. A bloody pogrom is chased by a second world war, followed by evictions, "resettlements" and far worse, sounding an inescapable knell despite desperate and defiant acts of resistance.

Postcards to Hitler is a deeply researched history drawn from personal interviews and archival documents including Benno's and Anna's final letters--written amid a slow-moving parade of horror until the frail boundaries between themselves and the Holocaust ultimately vanish.

About the Author

Bruce Neuburger is the author of Lettuce Wars: Ten Years of Work and Struggle in the Fields of California and also its Spanish translation, Guerras de Lechuga. His writing and is influenced by years working on farms and in factories, as a cab driver, an ESL teacher and a video arts instructor, and reflects a worldview both shaped by the great social justice movements of the 1960s, and his experiences as a child of Holocaust survivors from Germany,
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