Hello Freshman Year; A New Beginning (Paperback)

Hello Freshman Year; A New Beginning By S. Y. Walton Cover Image
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Shelley was without a doubt there for Simone as she lived through the horrors of bullying in 8th grade. Now it's Simone's turn to show up for Shelley. Shelley is coping with the only mom she's known, Grandma Cassie in the hospital, her biological mother coming back into her life unexpectedly, and entering high school...ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Just being a new Freshman at Conner High School is more than enough to adjust to. Huge school, new classes, strict rules, and finding your way as a freshman seemed all too much. Will Simone, Shelley and their friends SURVIVE Freshman YEAR at Conner High? Freshman Year can be hard, filled with temptation, and it can feel like walking into an unknown world. Only time will tell if the crew from Hammond Middle School will be victorious in making it through the maze of their first year of high school. Hello Freshman Year follows S.Y. Walton's first book One Voice.

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ISBN: 9781735802701
ISBN-10: 1735802700
Publisher: Bantu Books
Publication Date: September 5th, 2021
Pages: 170
Language: English