Humankind: Changing the World One Small Act at a Time (Paperback)

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  • Philanthropic: The author is donating all royalties to charity, a living demonstration of the values of kindness and generosity that infuse the stories in the book.
  • Healing: Against the backdrop of a deeply divided society in which civility has gone by the wayside, these inspiring true stories are a healing tonic that will bring groups and individuals together and encourage a proliferation of good works in the real world.
  • Empowering: In his work with non-profits, author Brad Aronson often hears from people who want to make a difference but don't feel they can because they aren't able to contribute on a grand scale. This book reminds us that the essence of human kindness is found in the small gestures one individual makes to another. Acts of charity don't need to be in the news to make a huge impact.
  • Resourceful: As readers become inspired by the stories and real-life examples of kindness shared in the book, they will feel moved to follow suit with their own outreach and acts of generosity. This book provides a wealth of actionable information for readers to amplify their impact. It also identifies outstanding non-profit organizations who can help readers channels their efforts.
  • Partnerships: As an expert in digital marketing, the author will parlay his good contacts and strong partnerships with the media, corporations, and in the non-profit sector into solid support for the book. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Hopeworks will partner in promoting the book--Aronson has served on the boards of both of these organizations.

About the Author

Brad Aronson is a husband and a dad, and when he's holding the parenting reins, he likes to go all out. For him that means leading an egg drop competition from the third-floor window of his family's home or heading up indoor games of baseball and hockey, and then having to explain why something else is now in pieces. Luckily, his wife, Mia, is understanding. Brad loves teaching entrepreneurship to youth in Camden, N.J., and volunteering on the nonprofit boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Hopeworks. One day, Brad hopes to be famous for co-founding a national holiday that features a seven-foot-tall orange tree and more than fifty stuffed monkeys (see chapter nine in HumanKind). In the meantime, he works with tech startups and writes books.
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ISBN: 9781928055631
ISBN-10: 192805563X
Publisher: Lifetree
Publication Date: April 14th, 2020
Pages: 256
Language: English