Project Mk-Ultra: Sex, Drugs, and the Cia, Vol. 2 (Hardcover)

Project Mk-Ultra: Sex, Drugs, and the Cia, Vol. 2 By Stewart Kenneth Moore (Artist), Scott Sampila, Brandon Beckner Cover Image
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While most Americans were watching Leave it to Beaver and listening to The Everly Brothers, an eclectic group of CIA operatives were spiking each other's coffees with LSD, throwing decadent parties and hiring prostitutes to slip unsuspecting johns drug-laced drinks in order to observe every stoned and kinky moment from behind two-way mirrors. And this was only when they weren't dreaming up the next far reaching "official" application for this new, all-powerful, mind-blowing drug - a drug that would ironically fuel the counter-culture over a decade later. Coincidence? Maybe not. Based on actual events, Project MK-ULTRA is a zany, pop-culture laced Alice in Wonderland ride exploring the history of LSD through the eyes of a young, hungry journalist whose life is turned upside down when he's sucked into the absurdity of the CIA's most guarded top-secret Mind Control Project. Picking up from Volume One's cliff-hanger ending, Volume Two catapults readers into the darkest reaches of this twisted tale as it psychedelically spirals towards a jaw-dropping conclusion - one which will undoubtedly leave readers re-thinking everything they thought they knew about the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s.
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ISBN: 9781951038519
ISBN-10: 1951038517
Publisher: Clover Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English