The Art of Being a Vampire (Paperback)

The Art of Being a Vampire By Kate Karyus Quinn Cover Image


With an addict mother and deadbeat dad, Shelby truly hopes that blood does not define her. She discovers a passion for photography, hoping to make something of herself through art. But when her mother dies of an overdose, Shelby finds herself in a dark place. Taken in by her aunt, she rebels in school and turns away from everyone, except a mysterious classmate named Brandt. Shelby doesn't realize that Brandt is a vampire--until it's too late. Overwhelmed by new cravings for blood, Shelby must decide whether to abandon her values to satisfy her hunger--or fight for the life she's always wanted.
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ISBN: 9781978596719
ISBN-10: 1978596715
Publisher: West 44 Books
Publication Date: August 16th, 2023
Pages: 200
Language: English