Decent Discourse: saving your country by loving your (wrong?) neighbor (Hardcover)

Decent Discourse: saving your country by loving your (wrong?) neighbor By Jay Jackson Cover Image
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Decent Discourse offers a hopeful, helpful, and historical way to push back against the war-like language and echo chambers that dominate today's political discourse - and not a minute too soon. Families and friendships are being torn apart. More Americans than ever feel violence is justified to advance their political goals. And the media is turbocharging this toxic, hyperpartisan culture of indecent political rhetoric.
Attorney and veteran Jay Jackson builds the case for decent discourse, showing how Americans have solved the immense challenges of our past with truth, humility, and compassion - in other words, by loving our neighbors (even when they might be wrong). Decent Discourse identifies five critical problems with the state of our political discourse today and offers solutions to each, including practical action items for each of us.
With humor and optimism, Jackson shows that decent discourse is the answer to our country's woes and offers hope that you personally can make a difference:
One conversation at a time.
One relationship at a time.
One community at a time.

At a time when so many are quick to criticize but slow to offer solutions, Jay Jackson delivers the balm to cool our scalding partisan burns. Jackson has authored an insightful, accessible, and solutions-packed book that identifies the primary sources of our national anger and offers practical remedies for citizens who want to return to civility. Clearly written and well defined, this book should be mandatory reading for every smart American interested in democracy.

Alison Dagnes, Professor of Political Science, Shippensburg University, author of Super Mad at Everything All the Time (2019), A Conservative Walks Into A Bar (2012), and Politics on Demand (2010)

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ISBN: 9798985924831
Publisher: Decent Discourse Press
Publication Date: May 25th, 2022
Pages: 268
Language: English